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Hallmark Cards started the Keepsake Christmas Ornament line in 1973 and they have produced well over 6,000 Ornaments. In 1984, Hallmark produced light and motion Ornaments which have become more ornate over the years and are highly treasured by many Hallmark Keepsake collectors. In 1988, Hallmark started the miniature ornament line which was designed to decorate a small tabletop tree with these Hallmark treasures. There have also been the Kiddie Car Classics along with the Merry Miniatures which are items to place in a curio cabinet or hutch - all made with the fine detailing we expect.

Hallmark series Ornaments are one of the ways Hallmark continues to make collecting fun for its customers. Many collectors look forward to the ornament premiere which Hallmark does every July. Collectors look forward to the new designs Hallmark has created for their favorite series. The Frosty Friends collector series features the Frosty Eskimo and has been going since 1980 and is still popular. Many other favorites are the Mary's Angels, Rocking Horses, Classic Cars, Star Trek, Star Wars, Wizard of Oz and Father Christmas. Disney Christmas Ornaments are very popular with children and adults and are often purchased for special holiday gifts as well.

Christmas Ornaments that mark special occasions in our lives are also well represented in the Hallmark line. Hallmark makes Ornaments to celebrate couples first Christmas together, family photos, grandchildren and special milestones such as a child's 1st , 2nd or 3rd Christmas. Hallmark has expanded the number of Ornaments produced over the years and now appears to have something to attract most collectors. There are items for Star Trek and Lionel Train fans, children's movies, bird lovers, and movie buffs from Scarlett O'Hara to Twilight to Harry Potter. The Polar Express pieces are very popular each Christmas. So many happy events to remember and you can relive these memories every year when you pull out your Hallmark Ornaments to hang on your tree.

Gold Crown exclusive Ornaments are sold only in Hallmark Gold Crown stores. These Ornaments tend to be high Hallmark Christmas Ornaments that are highly sought after. Many of these pieces increase in value over time. Generally the Hallmark line is available in stores starting in July with additional items being release in October. Limited edition pieces are select Ornaments that have a low production run and usually increase in value. Hallmark Ornaments are a great way to collect and provide great memories of those special holiday seasons and the special people in our life. Surely you have memories of when you were younger and a certain ornament you used to put on the Christmas tree that had special meaning to you. Whether it is an ornament that you bought for somebody else because it reminded you in a special way of the person or something in their life. Ornaments make great gifts to show a person that they meant something special. Each year when they pull out the ornament and hang it on the tree it makes them remember you as well. Happy Collecting.

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